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unbearably sweet

I’m away from home again so my thoughts often fly there. This blog is often introspective and therefore personal, but I rarely mention family in a direct way. This post is different.  My niece, Jessica, has created a new business: Baby Cakes Creates.  (Everyone in my family is a good cook or great baker…except me. I chose a different path.) I made some photographs for her to get the blog started and help her to see how marvelous her creations are. I’m often surprised when looking back through photographs when I experience a moment of “wow, did I do that?”  I wanted Jess to have that same experience so I created the photographic evidence!  Enjoy the sweetness and contact Jessi to satisfy your sweet tooth. Her email:  baby.cakes.creates at  Enjoy one for me!



glow….and Happy Valentine’s Day

As I type this I am struck by how awkward the word glow looks.  Yet the quality or attribute of glowing in a photograph is anything but awkward.  I’m talking about subtlety…not a plug-in or technique.  I’m not anti-plug-ins, the truth is I have very little knowledge of or experience with them.  But I’m talking about recognizing something in the light and tone of shapes and moments that translate into glowing photographs. This morning, I had a wonderful breakfast with my son in a favorite spot here in Seattle.  As is my habit, I photographed the setting.  A fleeting glance at the display told me that I might have a nicely glowing photograph.  It’s not a prize winner, but it is a sweet reminder of a glowing moment, and a reminder too, of many other happy moments in this spot.  And when I started to gather a few photos for this blog post I was struck by the happy memories that each called forth.  A coincidence?  No.  I feel very strongly that when we are in a glowing mood…the energy attracts the same.  We see how we feel.  It’s just another variation of my belief that we photograph as we are.

I’ll be back this week with some ‘serious’ photographs…but for now, Happy Valentine’s Day.  Wishing you lots of glow for your day, your life, and your photographs.

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